A Safe Home for the Girls

“I also absolutely love our neighbours and the neighbourhood. It’s a nice little community, like a village right in the city. Our neighbour across Kehl Street has been here 10 years. And she told me that before our homes there really wasn’t much going on here. But since October, the neighbourhood has come alive again with kids and she loves it! My message for the Habitat donors is this: thank you. Having a forever home has given us a sense of stability from which we can grow and thrive to our fullest potential.” - Kristy Underwood

Want to see how Kristy, Dave and the girls are doing?  Follow up with them (and their neighbours) here.  Every gift you give helps another local, hard-working family achieve homeownership. The Waterloo and Cambridge ReStore revenue covers 100% of our administrative costs, meaning every single donated dollar goes to building more homes.

Thank you for taking the time to help us build homes, hope and communities.

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