Every once in a while we like to save you (even more!) money.  

Recently, TV hosts and designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan were sent on a treasure hunt at the Etobicoke ReStore. Inside the antique dresser they purchased, they found a key that unlocked a secret drawer unveiling someone's treasures. Their discovery ultimately lead them to solve the mystery of the dresser's previous owner. This story proves you never know what you will find at the ReStore. Each visit is a treasure hunt.   

In light of this heart-warming story, we have decided to offer three sales this weekend only from Friday, July 14 - Sunday, July 16, 2017.  Happy treasure hunting:

  • 50% off all lighting and desks at the Waterloo ReStore
  • 50% off all flooring and lighting at the Cambridge ReStore
  • Golden Key Contest:  Withtin both our ReStores, there is a hidden golden key waiting for you to find, and unlock extra savings.  The happy treasure hunter who discovers the golden key will get 30% off their entire transaction.*  Watch the video below to unleash your inner pirate.

Don't forget we sell everything in our store for 50-80% off the original retail value.  And because our inventory is only made up of donations, we're always looking to you for more stuff.  Help us fill our stores.  And if you're itching for a kitchen renovation or remodel, we'll even salvage your kitchen, for FREE, give you a charitable tax receipt, and save you a headache.  Learn more about our incredible salvage services.


* Not to be combined with the 50% off lighting, desk or flooring sale.  One "golden key" trasaction per customer.  "Golden key" contest available at both Waterloo Region ReStores and will end on Sunday, July 16, 2017.  Contest rules are up to the discretion of the manager.