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For the past 30 years Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region has been able to help more than 143 families locally build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership.

The Benefits Are Real

Affordable homeownership enables families to build a foundation for a better future by fostering the skills and confidence they need to invest in themselves and their communities. This has a life-changing impact on their lives. Habitat homeowners report being happier, healthier and more financially secure after moving into their home. Through reduced reliance on social housing and food banks, better education and employment outcomes, and improved health, every Habitat home built benefits the local community.

Why We Matter

In 2022

Volunteers, Habitat for Humanity Waterloo

48 build teams

volunteered with us

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Did you know?

There is a multitude of ways to give to Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region, helping you become a part of the impact we have on the lives of others. 

Ways to Give

Our Impact, Habitat for Humanity Waterloo

Since 1988

Homeowners, Habitat for Humanity Waterloo


low-income working families became Habitat homeowners 

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of families that partner with Habitat become volunteers in their communities

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of HopeBuilders have been donating monthly for 3 or more years

  • "After working side by side with future Habitat homeowners I’ve learned that I’m the fortunate one."
    Rolf - Habitat Volunteer

Stories From Our Families

  • Paige - Kehl Street Homeowner

    • "I have learned that when people volunteer with Habitat For Humanity and come together to do good things, great things happen."
      Paige - Habitat Homeowner

  • Jane - Kehl Street Homeowner

    • "For some people, a house might just be another thing to check off your life list. But, for us it really is EVERYTHING!"
      Jane - Habitat Homeowner

  • Sharlene - Kehl Street Homeowner

    • "I just wanted to dance around in the kitchen! I cook and bake a lot and I've always wanted a kitchen that can truly be the heart of our home."
      Sharlene - Habitat Homeowner

  • Penny - Howe Drive Homeowner

    • "I can't believe what Habitat Waterloo Region has done for me and my daughter. I love seeing her take such pride in our home."
      Penny - Habitat Homeowner

  • Eleanor - Daniel Avenue Homeowner

    • "We have been really blessed to grow up with the other families on our street, their children, and now grandchildren!"
      Eleanor - Habitat Homeowner

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With a little help, we all have the potential to stand on our own.

Your financial support, your voice and your time will help bring strength, stability and independence to families in need of a decent place to live.

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