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Board Of Directors

Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region Board of Directors

Steve Bentley

Chair of the Board

Russ Parnell

Vice Chair of the Board

David Lin


Trevor Archer


Sarah Baxter

Carl Coelho

Mark Crowell

Rebecca Little

Ian McDonald

Dianne Romano

Angela Singh

Amy Sproule-Jones

Charlotte Zawada


Philip Mills #1

Philip Mills


Team Member Since 2021

Everyone deserves to have a decent place to live. It’s an amazing privilege to get to spend my time and energy on something that matters so much.

Susie Gutri #1

Susie Gutri

Chief Financial Officer

Team Member Since 2012

My job gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of families in Waterloo Region. I love watching the kids play with their friends in their new community.

Gaétanne Sorrentino #1

Gaétanne Sorrentino

Administrative Coordinator

Team Member Since 2021

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a dedicated team and it’s a pleasure to help the community through my work.


Maynard Moore

Build Supervisor

Team Member Since 2015

It’s important to me to work towards something that counts. Safe, affordable homes for hard working families; I can stand behind that.

Bil Ioannidis #1

Bil Ioannidis

Director of Construction

Team Member Since 2021

I am excited to combine my personal and public experiences in my role with Habitat Waterloo!

Chris McCracken #2

Chris McCracken

Build Site Supervisor

Team Member Since 2020

I enjoy my work. By building new homes together, we build new people and communities as well

Community Outreach

Maggie Moniz #2

Maggie Moniz

Director Of Community Outreach

Team Member Since 2020

Hearing the stories of the impact Habitat has on the lives of homeowners is truly moving. It is a pleasure to do purposeful work in support of the community in which I live.

Jennifer Peacock #2

Jennifer Peacock

Marketing and Communications Manager 

Team Member Since 2020

Having the opportunity to work with such a caring, and passionate team is a gift in, and of itself. People First, its what being a good neighbour is all about. Strength is found within community, and I am proud to be a part of this one.


Debbie Hind

Manager of Volunteer Engagement 

Team Member Since 2016

It never ceases to amaze me that people give so freely of their time and energy for the sake of the larger community. That is the true essence of volunteering.

To Be Determined

Build Site Volunteer Coordinator

Team Member


Family Services

Kristine Dearlove

Family Services Manager

Team Member Since 2011

Working at HabitatWR gives me the opportunity to work towards a world where everyone has a sense of belonging, a sense of community. And I firmly believe that belonging starts with having a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home.


Rob Snider

Director of ReStore Operations

Team Member Since 1996

I am surrounded by a supportive team who genuinely care about those they work with and the community in which they live.

Ann Jordan

Waterloo Restore Manager

Team Member Since 1996

It is truly rewarding interacting with others in the community who share the same vision and are working towards a common goal.

Trish Koebel

Cambridge ReStore Manager

Team Member Since 2005

Working with Habitat is a meaningful opportunity to make a difference in my local community.

Tom Bileski

Community Outreach Associate

Team Member Since 2018

My work allows me to connect the generous spirit of Waterloo Region’s business community with the ReStore’s vision of providing practical and affordable opportunities for stakeholders.

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